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Vision and Mission Statement


To build a result oriented school.


To have quality affordable education for future leaders who are productive, responsible and God fearing.

Core Values

Our Anthem


Creamhill School

Oh! What a great school,

for the grace of our Lord the Almighty.

We will stand as one, work for

the future and fight illiteracy,

Oh God bless Creamhill.

We aim for the quality,

affordable education,

You fly on your own.

Produce future leaders,

God fearing Leaders

You fly on your own.

About CHS

Creamhill Nursery & primary school is a high quality private school,
It is a mixed day and boarding school offering quality but affordable educational services.
The school is owned by a group of experienced and well educated Ugandans with a strong commitment to excellence both in academics and post life. Since its opening in 2005, the school has achieved tremendous successin pupil recruitment,retention and academic excellency.
Our Core Values State As:

  • High Spiritual and Moral Values
  • Academic Excellence
  • Innovative Marketing and proper customer care
  • Integrity and Respect for all stakeholders